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Are you really good at curating content but not seeing the dividends?

You could be suffering from content overload. This is a case where too many posts, articles, blog posts and ideas cover one specific area.

A vast quantity of material covering one area can make it hard for the champion assets to stand out.

One solution is a content monetization plan.

Content Monetization is a system to leverage your best content and convert it into revenue. The root of this concept comes from the term data monetization.

You start with a standard reporting analysis foundation using Google Analytics. The reporting will consist of key indicators that are tracking performance.

Each key indicator is tied to tactical strategies for various mediums. The marketing mediums are tied together with an omnichannel approach for the campaign. This allows you to leverage and maximize each channel.

Using keyword analysis and other tools you can identify which content is most likely to become a champion asset. For example, IV Therapy versus IV Infusion Therapy.

With marketing automation and conversion-tracking tools, the content can be measured as to which version or keyword is delivering dividends.

The revenue tracking can be calibrated with your Point of Sale software, and the value of a conversion can be based on Lifetime Value or Annual Value of a new client.

All of this can be done to where it’s HIPAA-compliant.

When this is executed properly you’ll have a Master Digital Strategy that compliments your strengths, with content monetization, so you don’t have to suffer from content overload.

Trevor Tully

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