The year has been challenging, but the experience has made us stronger in many ways. We’re more prepared for any unexpected headwinds. 2021 is going to be a year of new opportunities.


Omni-channel Digital Marketing Strategies

Omni-channel strategies have proven to be the main factor with helping us reach success for our clients. Not just placing all of our focus on digital campaign performance but creating a custom solution that addresses the pain points within the automated revenue stream.

Our top client’s core service is IV therapy. What we noticed is although the ads were performing and producing leads the results weren’t translating to membership conversions in their Point of Sale software. So we calibrated their POS software with their digital media campaign. We also added to the scope inside sales consulting and direct message nurturing workflows, to create a progression from ‘first time client from the ads’ to repeat clients and then converting them to members; growing their client lifetime value and campaign ROI.

Our History
BoldMD started from humble beginnings in late 2018. Ironically, our big opportunity that launched us was a 2-year web development contract with Rite Aid & their subsidiary company, RediClinic. We became a vital partner for them earlier this year when they were in a sprint to expand into virtual care. Fortunately, we were almost done with their new site. Tactically, it was an easy pivot to virtual care and they’re currently expanding this virtual care service into more states every month. “Bold is a critical part of our marketing team. They’re always offering technology solutions and have skill sets across digital platforms, content strategy and web presence optimization.” – William Melendy; Senior Director of Marketing 

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