Americans have always shown adaptability in the face of sudden adversity, but the speed of change in our daily lives was rapid in 2020.

Just as schoolchildren and parents came to grips with remote learning, a realization of a new normal sets in. But our next “normal” won’t necessarily be the old one.

Where’s the silver lining?

The companies that adapt will thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Of the industries expected to boom post-2020, “remote or mobile wellness services” is at the top of the list.

People want to avoid visits to hospitals, if possible, and while medical staff are urging the sick to seek help as they normally would, many are relying on remote wellness services.

For the medical practices that can’t offer mobile services, it’s critical to audit your web presence, maximize your online footprint in your local trade area, and build your master digital strategy, because now more than ever, everyone is living online.

Regardless of your current marketing stage, a digital audit and ‘web presence report card’ will offer the data analytics to start the foundation of a metrics-based marketing plan that will yield monthly conversions and revenue forecasting.

What’s a “Master Digital Strategy”?

We use your custom digital audit as a baseline, for building you a custom social media ad strategy, Google ad campaigns strategies, Google Analytics management, a marketing automation platform and website optimization to create a performance lead-generation funnel campaign. Growth mindset.

Also included, are tracking and reporting tools, to measure the progress in each segment of the workflow, a dedicated account team, and a comprehensive monthly report.

We’re having success using this model for single-location practices, as well, as multiple locations. We’re flexible on our offering and multiple location pricing, we just want to see you succeed.

Roadmap to success: 

  • We follow a proven guideline that we know will stack the odds in your favor to have a win-win relationship.
  • We determine which marketing assets are going to give you the greatest chance for positive ROI in the first 30 days.
  • We keep the team focused on driving revenue as fast as possible.

This all sounds great, but January is a low revenue month and now might not be the best timing.

Got you covered, the rest of January we’re offering a COVID SPECIAL.

We will start the process as though you were a new client with ZERO deposit.

Let us know your level of interest, your potential start date after January and your website domain.

We will send you our onboarding checklist, an audit of your web presence, and a report on your top competitors.

Sounds Good!

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