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Attract New Patients

Attract, convert and improve experience of new patients

  • Optimized Web Presence – Establish and enhance your web presence with a visually-appealing and high-performing website that includes an easy-to-use booking solution.
  • Website Management – Ensure your website stays up to date and continues to run smoothly with our daily security updates and backups for your website.
  • Treatment-Related Landing Pages – As a doctor, you specialize in certain treatments that make you unique and that also deserve to be highlighted on their own landing pages.
  • Future-Proof Creative Design – Enhancing your brand with strong, visually-appealing creative design will help you appeal, attract and acquire more new patients for your practice.
  • Competitor Analysis – We have the capability to do local competitor analysis in multiple different ways in order to give you an advantage in your local market.
  • Paid Media – Our use of mobile device marketing and other paid media allows for the most precise tracking and attracting of prospects which in turn enhances your chance at conversion.
  • Content Strategy – Tell your story powerfully through digital-first content that is optimized for your audience and leads to increased conversion of organic web traffic.
  • Marketing Automation – Transform your marketing efforts through powerful software that allows you to automate marketing tasks for a more efficient and personalized patient experience.
  • Data-Driven Marketing – When data drives your marketing efforts, you get better focused strategies and tactics and therefore more successful results.
  • Media Budget Allocation – We help you set and allocate your budget to ensure you’re spending wisely and getting the best return on your investments.

Data And Insights

Dollar to dollar tracking

  • Real-Time Analysis – Gain access to data as soon as it is produced in order to make smarter marketing decisions.
  • Multi-Language Analytics and Insights – Attain analytics and insights for any and all languages your website operates in.
  • Data Studio Dashboard – Keep track of key performance indicators such as Cost per Click, Click-Through Rate, and Visits through our sophisticated Data Studio dashboard.
  • Device Tracking – Our capabilities include being able to track prospects across multiple devices to better understand the customer journey and the proper attribution model to use.
  • Granular Reporting – In order to be successful in marketing, you want the big-picture idea, but it’s also important to have a high-level of detail in your insights, which is exactly what you get with our granular reporting feature.

Build Patient Trust

Reputation management

  • HIPAA-Compliant Services – All of our services are HIPAA-Compliant to ensure the utmost privacy and care for you and your patients.
  • Audience Knowledge & Awareness – Before you can build patient trust, your audience has to be aware that you exist and have complete knowledge of what you can do for them—both are facets we focus on with our marketing services.

Optimize Strategies to Drive Conversions

Use niche tools to improve turnkey campaigns

  • Marketing Automation – Our powerful marketing software features behavior-based email, blog builder, sales automation, social media scheduling platform, content calendar, as well as the ability to capture data, measure conversions, and optimize programmatic platforms.
  • Targeted Display Advertising (Geofencing) – Geofencing is a form of targeted display advertising that finds patients based on exact, specific locations and serves them precise, strategically-targeted digital ads.
  • Retargeting – Let’s get them back. Bring back patients who visited your website but did not convert.  The digital ads serve as great brand awareness reminders and help keep your practice top of mind.
  • Forecasted Results – After running a projected forecast, we are able to know, upon quick glance, whether or not your campaign is likely to hit its goal and what adjustments need to be made accordingly.

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