BoldMD started with a purpose: to help medical entrepreneurs thrive in the digital age. Trevor Tully, founder and CEO, began his career with a healthcare-focused traditional marketing company, founded in 1975, and managed marketing initiatives for the largest healthcare systems in the world.

The early vision, that later became BoldMD, was to bring the advantages of major healthcare budgets to the doctors’ growing private practices. HIPAA-compliant omnichannel and data-intelligence initiatives that leverage the latest technology breakthroughs, ensuring success through content production and data analysis, under the tagline “Bringing Awareness to Quality of Life Solutions”.

“The overall value we’re offering businesses is not only growing their digital presence and revenue, but also growing their valuation and appeal to investors”
– Trevor Tully

Trevor got his big break when landing a multi-year web development deal with RiteAid Virtual Care (previously RediClinic) to help launch their Telehealth division, which would cement his expertise in the healthcare/medical niche. Based out of the Texas Medical Center, one of the most prestigious cities for healthcare practices and medical systems in the country, BoldMD started making a name for itself bringing on clients like Elite Care, Thrive Drip Spa, UT Health, and Texas Children’s Hospital.



Recently published by New York Wire and Forbes Magazine, Trevor is quietly becoming a presence among the movers and shakers in the booming Texas economy. With the increase of technology giants moving to Texas, data is becoming the new oil in Texas, and Trevor Tully is the 2021 version of a Texas Wildcatter.

Here was born the passion behind BoldMD, one of the fastest growing digital media technology agencies in the state of Texas.

Over the years developing successful marketing strategies, BoldMD created a blueprint that can be used to increase revenue for any consumer medical business or private practice. By building marketing strategies around a recurring revenue model and patient lifetime value, Bold analyzes the data that will land you above your competition & your bottom line. And get you there fast.

“The Bold team has become a trusted partner, helping us build a foundation to maximize revenue growth in our geofence, with our digital footprint.”



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