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Now is the time to build your data-driven pipeline funnel of new patients. Revenue is expected to trend up throughout the month. Our clients appreciate our ability to evaluate the insights and predict patient volume.

Below are the top 3 reasons doctors and practices choose BoldMD.

• BoldMD was built from a mindset that intense optimizations are like the synovial fluid that eliminates friction in a marketing campaign. We may have 3-5 ad campaigns live per client. But within those ad campaigns are 43 ad groups with 3-5 different versions of ads per group, and we’re doing the different levels of optimizations daily, weekly, and monthly with a comprehensive monthly report that utilizes best practices.

• We treat our clients like they’re our only client by offering 24-hour support with an immediate response via text/email/call and 100% accountability of the scope in recurring weekly meetings.

• All of our clients are like family. So when we bring on a new client, our culture naturally permeates to the new client and they become part of the family.

Check out our YouTube video to see more.

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